Why Choose Tabitha?

Why Choose Tabitha?

Welcome to Beauty by Tabitha!

I'm Tabitha – that's me, the brunette broad (did you sense my heavy Mass accent), right next to my partner-in-glam, Andrea! I'm a RI licensed manicurist (License No: MAN04396) and lash technician, passionately devoted to elevating your beauty game.

With over three years of experience in the enchanting realm of eyelashes and nails, I'm proud to hold that coveted Rhode Island state license in nails, guaranteeing top-tier quality in everything I do. 

My journey in this industry has been a fulfilling one, and I currently operate from within the Permanent Makeup and Beauty Lounge, alongside my dear friends Andrea and Natalie.

But my commitment goes beyond providing exceptional eyelash and nail services to my valued clients. I'm dedicated to sharing my expertise with others. As a mentor, I've been guiding aspiring artists through eyelash extension classes for some time now. I've also had the privilege of nurturing budding talents at a local Rhode Island academy, where I once mentored in nail classes as well. This role has enabled me to not only mentor but collaborate with esteemed experts like Silka Torres, a name synonymous with excellence in the nail industry.

I'm not only a practitioner but also a proud representative of Lash Base UK, renowned for its premium eyelash products. 

In addition to my extensive experience, I hold several certifications that underline my commitment to safety and quality. I'm Barbicide certified, and I proudly hold four Classic and Volume certifications from Rhode Island's Post Secondary schools. As Rhode Island's first approved Lashbase UK trainer for Hybrid and Volume lashes, I'm committed to raising the standards in the industry.

My dedication to safety and training is further evident through my CPR and Bloodborne Pathogen certifications from the National Association for Safety and Training in Rhode Island. I'm also an approved mentor, trainer, and tutor for certificate courses through the Post Secondary Office of Commissioners in Rhode Island for short study courses.

Whether I'm enhancing the natural beauty of my clients, sharing my knowledge with aspiring artists, representing a top-tier brand, or ensuring the highest safety standards, my passion for all things lashes and nails is at the heart of everything I do.

Thank you for joining me on this beauty-filled journey!