Why Choose Personalized Nail and Eyelash Extension Training?

I take great pride in offering as an option, an exclusive one-on-one training approach, personally guided by me, Tabitha. This customized method ensures that you receive undivided attention and targeted instruction, eliminating any chance of feeling lost in a crowded classroom setting.

With my courses, you won't find yourself amidst a group of 10-20 individuals, merely watching a video on nail or eyelash techniques. Instead, you'll benefit from hands-on, personalized instruction that truly enhances your learning journey.

When you leave my class, you'll do so with confidence, knowing that you've received proper and thorough training to excel in your chosen field.

My classes are not only designed to provide exceptional training but are also highly affordable and result in a certificate of completion that have been approved as a short course of study through the Rhode Island Office of Postsecondary Commissioner.

To make it even more accessible, I offer the option of Shop Pay installments, allowing you to split payments over a few months, ensuring your financial peace of mind as you embark on your learning journey.